Wallonia, between heritage, history and culture

Thanks to its rich historical heritage, Wallonia is a prime cultural destination rich in monuments and prestigious sites. You will find numerous opportunities to increase your knowledge. Go in search of history through UNESCO World Heritage sites, abbeys, museums, castles, fortresses, mines, mills and more, bearing witness to a prestigious past. The turbulent history of this region of Belgium explains its wealth and the vivacity of the Walloon cultural heritage.

It is also the site of folk events born of a long oral tradition, such as the Carnival of Binche, the Doudou de Mons, a popular festival held every year on Trinity Sunday, the Ducasse d'Ath with its procession of giants and decorated floats, the Marches of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse commemorating the dedication of the village church, and more, as well as the land of great writers and comic strip creators such as Georges Simenon, Walthéry (Natacha), Peyo (the Smurfs), Jean-Claude Servais, Dany, and others.

Guided by good humour and friendliness, the people of Wallonia will pass their culture on to you. Lying at the crossroads of cultures, Wallonia is brimming with historical heritage where everyone can find their roots.

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